Shopping List

Things to look for on ebay

  1. Spare pine needles for Christmas Tree
  2. Police whistle Multipack
  3. Combination shoehorn-comb
  4. Roll of pre-validated parking tickets
  5. Cat Hinges
  6. Swiss Army Fork
  7. Sweat collector
  8. Curled Hamster
  9. Moss Fertiliser
  10. Rapid Balloon Deflator
  11. Sock Whisk
  12. Glitter Cannon
  13. Black Cheese
  14. Stackable Chicken Set
  15. Cardboard Hammer
  16. Dolls House HiFi
  17. Portable Grand Canyon
  18. Laughing Liquid
  19. Pope Scratchings
  20. Megaphone mute

Make your own. Even better, give it to someone and point them to a shop assistent in B&Q. Film on your mobile from a safe distance.

Inspired by three guys and a list.

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